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Exceptional moments deserve exceptional rituals. We provide the tools of Judaism to elevate your milestones.

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Everybody deserves a wedding ceremony that authentically reflects the people getting married. Therefore, each wedding ceremony is crafted together with the couple, creatively investigating the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony as a starting point.

We are happy to bring Jewish experiences to all who believe that a ceremony rooted in Judaism is the right fit. We welcome all couples, regardless of religion, sexual orientation or gender orientation. 

A central premise from which we work is that, by the time your wedding day arrives, we will not be strangers. Ceremony preparation includes an initial intake conversation and two one-hour meetings (in-person or virtual).

Premarital Counseling​

Pre-marital counseling is always encouraged. Our rabbis are prepared to guide you through a series of conversations on topics such as communication, relationship roles, finances, religion in the home and more.

Premarital counseling normally happens over the course of three meetings but may be extended as needed.


Welcome to the world, little one! Whether you are expecting, have recently welcomed a child into the world, have recently adopted a child or are finally ready to provide your child with a Hebrew name, we are happy to work with you to plan a Jewish naming ceremony that fits your needs.

Brit Milah

While we (blessedly) are not prepared to provide a ritual circumcision, we are more than prepared to co-officiate with a Mohel (an expert in ritual circumcision) to ensure that a baby boy is entered into the covenant in a way that makes sense to you and meets your needs.

Funerals and Memorials

Dealing with the death of a loved one is painful and often wrought with complicated dynamics. Our team will support you while ensuring that the ritual of remembrance is one that appropriately honors his or her memory.

We are versed in the traditional Jewish modes of burial and mourning and are open to working with you to craft a ritual that meets your family’s needs.

Unveiling Ceremonies

It is customary to return to a cemetery approximately 11-12 months after a loved one’s death to “unveil” the marker on his or her grave. This allows families and friends to gather, share memories and ritualize the stages of mourning when the loss is not quite as raw as it was at the time of death.

We are honored to be able to lead you in this memorial ritual.

New and creative rituals for lifecycle transitions

While Jewish tradition has, for centuries, held a wellspring of meaningful rituals for many of life’s milestones, there are other transitions that are powerful opportunities for marking through more contemporary Jewish rituals. These moments include, but are not limited to, milestone birthdays, graduations, child weaning, entering into or emerging from cancer treatment, career changes, onset of menstruation, menopause, divorce and retirement.

We are experienced in using elements of ancient rituals to craft something that is new, personal and transformational. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

B’nai Mitzvah

The B’nai Mitzvah experience is one that comes with communal participation over many years. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about what this could look like for you and for your family! Please contact the Temple Menorah office (310.316.8444) for information about becoming a part of the synagogue community.


The conversion process is an in-depth, ongoing process, the course of which is determined through a series of conversations with a rabbi. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about what this could look like for you! Please contact the Temple Menorah office (310.316.8444) for information about affiliating with the synagogue community.

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